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Are there any side effects?

Yes, especially in the beginning some phenomena may occur which we rightly could call lesser side effects. During the first days, a few people experience short periods of nausea or dizziness while meditating. However, this will quickly fade away, especially if you quite simply take care to breathe deeply into your stomach and furthermore take your time to turn your attention outwards after the meditation.
And after a few days of meditation, you will, at any rate, feel that the side effects have faded away completely.

As MasterWaves releases old tensions in your body and mind, you may, especially in the beginning, some days experience that you are a bit more sensitive or perhaps slightly edgy.

But sensitivity will quickly be replaced by more peace and tranquility and a higher degree of stress tolerance, so this short period of discomfort is definitely worth going through, when you know what MasterWaves can generally give you in terms of surplus energy.

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