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Do I risk becoming introvert, anti-social, and starry-eyed because I'm meditating?

No, that's not our experience at all, on the contrary. When we become more in harmony with ourselves and gain energy, we typically become both more creative and socially giving.

When are you yourself most friendly, giving and caring towards others, - When you're working from a deficit or a surplus of energy?
A leading question, I know!
But in our opinion, a form of meditation or any other method for self-development ought to provide the user with a personal surplus of energy relatively quickly. We should neither become more introvert, selfish and narcissistic or more starry-eyed because we develop ourselves. In our opinion, it is not then a case of real self-development, but rather a kind of self-entanglement.

According to our standards,

a good criterion for whether you really benefit from a self-development method, a form of therapy or a meditation method like you should is if you become more happy, loving and human by using it.

I a certain method makes you more anti-social and selfish, you have most likely made a wrong choice, and it is time to look around for another way to develop yourself.

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