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How does the MasterWaves meditation actually take place?

You sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and through a set of headphones, you listen to a combination of lovely 3-dimensional natural sounds and some unique sound frequences which together make you relax and slip quickly and naturally into a very deep and nourishing meditative state.
The audio technique behind MasterWaves has been constructed so that your brain enters gradually deeper and deeper into meditation, by firstly producing more alfa waves, then theta waves and lastly delta waves.
You need do nothing more than listen to the meditation for 20-40 minutes per day. As it is the case of traditional meditation methods, you are required to consciously seek to relax and keep your thoughts at bay, whereas in the case of MasterWaves, you just need to sit comfortably with your CD or MP3 player and listen to the lovely sounds, and then the rest will happen automatically.
MasterWaves contains 7 levels, so that in time,you will be able to intensify the meditation process and obtain a deeper and deeper contact with your inner resources.

At each MasterWave level, you will have the possibility to learn certain simple techniques to strengthen the effect of the meditation, but in principle, you need do nothing else than listen to the "sound images".

In the beginning, we recommend that you sit somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed at all while meditating, but when you have gained more experience, you can actually meditate whilst on the bus or train.

You must, in no circumstances, use MasterWaves whilst driving a car or otherwise moving about in the traffic.ler på anden måde bevæger dig rundt i trafikken. This could be deadly dangerous, because during meditation, you will be very withdrawn and often slow in your reactions.

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