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How much time should I spend on it?

We recommend that you spend 50 minutes a day to meditate with MasterWaves, that is, 40 minutes for the actual meditation and app. 10 minutes to turn your attention outwards and get moving again.

Especially in the beginning, many people find it somewhat difficult to allocate 40-50 minutes a day in an often busy daily life. But when they discover that they are generally much more effective in their daily routines after meditation, and that their need of sleep has often been reduced, they gradually become reluctant to sacrifice those lovely de-stressing 50 minutes.

If you have a busy day, where it is not possible to fit in 50 minutes, there is a solution to that, too, however.

Each MasterWaves level contains both a 20-minute and a 40-minute version. You will definitely benefit from using the 20-minute version to relax and find new energy to manage your day, in spite of it all.
On the other hand, it would be excellent to meditate twice or three times a day in a period in your life where you have the time and want to intensify your personal and spiritual development.

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