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What do you understand by meditation?

Well, the word is being used at random in different contexts to describe everything from reflecting over something to be in a state of mind of half-awake trance, so it would probably be appropriate to explain what we mean by the concept in MasterWaves.

In our terminology, meditation can bothe be a method and a state of mind.
So, we meditate, that is, we practice a certain meditation method in order to obtain a certain state of mind.- And what kind of state is this then? -

It is a very comfortable and nourishing state of mind, where we are deeply relaxed and intensely present in the moment at the same time.
We could also describe the state of meditation as inner harmony which occurs when we are able to experience our own deeper "being" or identity without disturbing thoughts.
Thus, it is a question of "being at home in yourself" without analysing yourself, reflecting over yourself or in other ways being self-occupied in the negative sense of the word.

When we are super awake and deeply relaxed at the same time, our heart and senses open up, and our apparent experience of being in contact and harmony with ourselves, other people and life in general is increased considerably.

Numerous worldwide researches have proved that the state of meditation has an extremely beneficial influence on both our physical and psychological well-being and energy.

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