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why does MasterWaves consist of more than one level?

Because the audio technique on which the different levels of MasterWaves are based, affects your mind more or less intensely. Thus, from level 1-7, the effect will thus become gradually more profound. If you started out at one of the deeper levels, it would, figuratively spekaing, be equal to begin training at a gym starting out with the advanced programme. Your body would be strained, it would hurt quite a lot, and you would be sure to lose your motivation quite quickly.
In the same way, your mind and nervous system need to build up mental and spiritual fitness, and this takes time. MasterWaves has 7 levels which have all been testet by a group of more than 300 people, and we have adjusted the effect of the individual levels, so that most people would be able to move on to the next level after 3-6 months. Level 1 starts out with a very gentle but still very deep and noticeable effect, and the subsequent levels then intensify the influence, as your mind and nervous system become more "mentally fit".
If you started out with one of the deeper levels, you would become sensitive, edgy and confused instead of becoming more harmonious and happy. of
For this reason, everybody must start at the beginning, regardless of earlier experience with meditation and self-development.

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