When can I start?

From November 2007 it has been possible to sign up and pay for MasterWaves directly via website. When you have paid for the first level, you'll receive a set of 2 CD's. At the same time, you gain immediate access to downloading both a short and a long version of the masterWaves Meditation for your Ipod or other MP3 player, and during the following weeks, you will receive a small series of e-mails containing instructions and supplementary bonus material. Until then, you could perhaps experiment with our online demo. --------

How do I get started?

You sign up and pay directly via this website. Then, you will be able to order the CD set, also on this website.

Do you arrange meditation retreats where it's possible to meditate intensively together with other people?

Yes, current announcements will be made on the members websites on the Internet.

why is it not quite so expensive as most other meditation systems?

Again, there are 3 reasons:

1. our vision is that happier and more harmonious people with a surplus of energy spread friendliness and empathy around them. When we relax and rest more in ourselves we generally become happier, more loving, ethical and human. In other words,
our quality of life spread positive vibes around us. - And the world definitely needs that. for.
For this reason all methods which can contribute to giving a greater personal surplus of energy to people should be financially manageable for everybody to use.

2. Our plan is not to make a living by producing MasterWaves. Our primary financial foundation comes from our training and education business. For app. 20 years, we have educated psychootherapists in both jutland and Zealand, And for the past app. 10 years, we have educated coaches and consultants in well-being at ID Coach Academy i Jylland og på ID Coach Academy in Zealand.

How much is it?

The entire MasterWaves programme consists of 7 levels.

However, it would be fine for you to settle for the first level and benefit greatly from it. In other words, level 1 is quite able to stand alone.

And if you choose to move on to more levels, you can sign up for each level individually.

level 1 will be out on the 8th of november 2007 as a set of 2 CD's as well as access to supplementary information, instructions and other interesting audio and text material on the Internet.

The price of level 1 is DKK 269 for 2 CD's, instruction leaflet and other bonus materials.

We're in the process of creating a users' forum, where you'll be able to exchange experiences with others, an online support system, where you can ask questions and get help to optimise your use of MasterWaves and much more.

If you wish to proceed to deeper levels after level 1 and choose to buy 1 level at the time, the price of each level is DKK 500, - (this is app 1 third of the price of equivalent foreign systems, and less than the price of 1 one-hour session with a psychotherapist, psychologist, or a good hairdresser, for that matter.

If you choose to pay for level 2-7 at once, you'll save a lot of money. Then the price of the last 6 levels is DKK 2500.

But you cannot buy level 2-7, before you have used MasterWaves level 1 for at least 3 months and at least 100 times. We don't want you to sign up for something that you don't already know well and where you don't know the effect.

So for this reason, you must start out with level 1 for the first 3 months.

Can i use my IPOD or other MP3-players?

Yes, you can download the files directly from our website after signing up for a MasterwAves level and place the audio on your Ipod or other mp3 player. You can also listen directly on your computer or burn it on a CD.

Are their any specific requirements regarding headphones?

Yes, first and foremost, they need to be stereo headphones and preferably, the frequency area should be 20-20000 HZ. But most cheap headsets for about dkk 200-300 comply with this standard. Please ask your distributor.

The further you progress in the meditation course, and if you embark on the deeper levels, it will be to your advantage to acquire good headphones. It would definitely be worth it to pay dkk 500 or more for a pair of good, comfortable headphones with a clear, pure and full-bodied sound.

Plantronics, AKG, Senheiser and other manufacturers produce very good headsets.

Why is MasterWaves only working when I'm using headphones?

Because the effect depends on your hearing two different tones separately in the right and the left ear respectively.

As a participant in the Masterwaves programme, however, you will later have access to supplementary meditations directly via our internet members area. At some levels, you will be able to download extra meditations which are based on a differenct technique and which can be played over ordinary loudspeakers.

What is the difference between traditional relaxation or meditation CD med and MasterWaves?

There are 2 significant differences. - Let us start with the lesser but still important one:

1. MasterWaves sound images have been recorded using a special 3-dimensional recording technique giving you a very realistic experience of hearing the sounds around you, as if you were present at the recording. You hear ordinary stereo in the right ear, the left ear and in the middle of the head, so to speak.
The MasterWaves sound images give you a clear experience of sound both in front of you, behind you at the sides, and above you. And the sounds are precisely around you and not inside your head. This has an extremely fortifying effect on the meditation,
because it gives you a sense of space and freedom inside yourself. - And it even works with ordinary stereo headphones.

2. Apart from the actual sound image,you very fainly hear 2 separate tones in the right and the left ear, respectively. Together, those tones activate the so-called frequency following responce in your brain, and this is where the high effect is created. If you listened to our sound images without the added tones, you would easily feel the difference in the effect.

so no matter how lovely the music or the natural sounds on the relaxation or meditation CD, and no matter how comfortable or hypnotising a guided meditation CD, the effect can in no way match that of the MasterWaves bineural meditation.

is there anything religious or philosophical about MasterWaves?

No, MasterWaves does not add any mental or spiritual content, and it is not based on the notion that users should think, believe or belong to anything at all. MasterWaves quite simply makes your brain o vibrate slower and more coordinated, and this will give you a number of positive effects such as relaxation, inner peace and harmony, better sleep, higher stress tolerance, a better immune system, etc. etc. - You will probably see this as an advantage, regardless whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Jehovah's Witness, Buddhist or atheist.
One of the advantages of MasterWaves is exactly that you don't need to "buy" a religious or philosophical wrapping in order to benefit from the method.

Can I combine MasterWaves with other techniques?

Yes, absolutely, and to great advantage.
There is no conflict between MasterWaves and other meditation techniques. On the contrary, they complement each other.

MasterWaves becomes even more effective, if you use another meditation technique at the same time, and according to all the users we've spoken to, other methods speed up the process when you practice them while listening to MasterWaves.

We know of people who combine MasterWaves with techniques such as Vipasana, Transcendental meditation, Dzog cien, Zen, Christian meditation etc, to great advantage.

As a meditation method, MasterWaves is extremely effectful in itself and thus, it stands alone beautifully, but when you participate in 1 or more of the 7 MasterWave levels you will learn some classical meditative attention techniques which wil increase the effect of MasterWaves further.

How does the MasterWaves meditation method differ from traditional meditation techniques?

It differs in several ways:

The most significant difference is that in traditional meditation techniques, you must remember to repeat a mantra, i.e. a sort of sound-word, to focus on certain parts of the body, or to do certain things with your mind in order to keep your thoughts at bay and relax.

If you fall into a day-dream or memories, or if you become overwhelmed by thougts, you forget to practise the technique, and then it doesn't work, before you remember to practise it again.
Anyone who has tried meditating with traditional methods know how difficult it can be to remain in the meditation, because the mind is constantly inclined to wander.

With MasterWaves, you are maintained in meditation from the beginning to the end via the constant audio influence, so in practice, you have much more "effective time" where you meditate.
And actually, it doesn't matter, if you sometimes fall into a train of thoughts. The meditation is still working.

Another important issue which many people mention is that they more often and more quickly feel an positive effect of the MasterWaves meditation. of course, this is in itself strongly motivating when it comes to actually sitting down to meditate on a daily basis, that you can also feel that the meditation is working.

Unfortunately, much too few people get to meditate regularly with traditional methods. And this is a real shame, when you think about what you get out of it, if the method works for you. But if it is more the rule than the exeption that meditation ends up in a myriad of thoughts, og and a tinkling feeling in your body, it comes as no surprise that many people find it a waste of time to sit down to meditate for an hour every day.

For this reason, it has been extremely encouraging to witness how many more people who maintain a good, regular meditation practice with MasterWaves.

And a third important difference is that most meditation methods are weaved into a certain religious or spiritual tradition which often appears foreign and sometimes it conflicts with the context in which we wish to live.

MasterWaves is completely neutral and is therefore used by all kinds of people, from sworn atheists to buddhists, christians, muslims, etc.

Why am I not allowed to copy MasterWaves for my family and my friends?

There are 3 very good reasons:

1. We have spent a considerable amount of energy, time and money on the development of MasterWaves, and thus our system is naturally protected by trademark and under Danish copyright legislation. So it is illegal to copy our meditations and let others use them.
2. We only provide support for people who have paid to participate. It would be unethical to pass on your meditations to other people who do not have the possibility of obtaining guidance and support should it be necessary. MasterWaves is not a toy, its effects can be extremely powerful, and for this reason we wish to be a safety-net for our users.
3. Copying and passing on MasterWaves to others can be compared with plain theft, and regardless whether you are the thief or the handler of stolen goods, you won't benefit much from participating in spiritual development programmes. Your bad conscience will block development, unless, of course, you have psychopathic traits, because in that case, you would not be conscious about not paying ofr what you get.

Do you provide any support or guidance?

Yes, when you sign up for a MasterWaves Meditation programme, you will be given access to our online members site, where you can read elaborating instructions, listen to audio lectures, ask technical and personal questions via chat and mails and much more.

would it be sufficient just to sign up for one level?

Yes, indeed. You choose whether you want to sign up for just one or more levels. You can sign up for the levels one by one, as you feel ready to go deeper, or you can sign up for a compiled 2-year course, where we have planned an intensive programme for those who want to speed up their development.

But regardless whether you choose to sign up for a single level or several levels, you need to begin with level 1. And you cannot sign up for the compiled course, until you have gained experience with level 1. We want you to gain plenty of experience with MasterWaves, before you sign up and pay for a longer programme consisting of several levels.

Many people currently gain much positive benefit from working with the same level for a very long time, so you don't need to proceed to a deeper level, unless you want to and feel ready to do so.

How quickly can I move on to deeper levels?

If you're using MasterWaves once a day, and if you're ready, you can move to a deeper level every 3 months. At the end of every 3-month period, you have the possibility of answering some questions from us regarding your meditation practice, and if your answers indicate that it is desirable and prudent to move on, you will be able to gain access to the next level.

I have been meditating for many years. Can't I skip some levels?
No, that would be neither desirable nor prudent.
MasterWaves starts out from the point where you are in your personal and spiritual development process, so if you have gone far already, you will get much deeper on the first levels than would a relatively unexperienced person. Thus, you are not going to be set back in your development, on the contrary. Du

If you have used another method, your nervous system still needs to adapt to this new form of impact, so for this reason, we start at the beginning.

I had been meditating for more than 20 years myself,when I started at absolute novice level with a similar (and hugely expensive) american meditation system. - And the benefits were still amazing.

why does MasterWaves consist of more than one level?

Because the audio technique on which the different levels of MasterWaves are based, affects your mind more or less intensely. Thus, from level 1-7, the effect will thus become gradually more profound. If you started out at one of the deeper levels, it would, figuratively spekaing, be equal to begin training at a gym starting out with the advanced programme. Your body would be strained, it would hurt quite a lot, and you would be sure to lose your motivation quite quickly.
In the same way, your mind and nervous system need to build up mental and spiritual fitness, and this takes time. MasterWaves has 7 levels which have all been testet by a group of more than 300 people, and we have adjusted the effect of the individual levels, so that most people would be able to move on to the next level after 3-6 months. Level 1 starts out with a very gentle but still very deep and noticeable effect, and the subsequent levels then intensify the influence, as your mind and nervous system become more "mentally fit".
If you started out with one of the deeper levels, you would become sensitive, edgy and confused instead of becoming more harmonious and happy. of
For this reason, everybody must start at the beginning, regardless of earlier experience with meditation and self-development.

Do I risk becoming introvert, anti-social, and starry-eyed because I'm meditating?

No, that's not our experience at all, on the contrary. When we become more in harmony with ourselves and gain energy, we typically become both more creative and socially giving.

When are you yourself most friendly, giving and caring towards others, - When you're working from a deficit or a surplus of energy?
A leading question, I know!
But in our opinion, a form of meditation or any other method for self-development ought to provide the user with a personal surplus of energy relatively quickly. We should neither become more introvert, selfish and narcissistic or more starry-eyed because we develop ourselves. In our opinion, it is not then a case of real self-development, but rather a kind of self-entanglement.

According to our standards,

a good criterion for whether you really benefit from a self-development method, a form of therapy or a meditation method like you should is if you become more happy, loving and human by using it.

I a certain method makes you more anti-social and selfish, you have most likely made a wrong choice, and it is time to look around for another way to develop yourself.

Why are you only allowed to meditate for 20 minutes per day during the first two weeks?

Because the MasterWaves method is so powerful, and because your nervous system needs to adapt to this deep relaxation and the highly increased presence.

If you go to the gym, you will hopefully not start with an advanced programme, either. If you do, you will most likely feel exhausted and spent, and it is equally likely that you will drop it again.
It is the same with MasterWaves. If you start out with too much intensity, you will become oversensitive, moody and tired instead of feeling better.

It is our wish that from the very beginning, you should get a very positive experience of what Masterwaves can give you. For this reason, we strongly advise you to follow our instructions.

So begin with the 20 minute version for the first two weeks, and then you can perhaps move on to the longer version after that. After getting started properly, you should definitely meditate several times a day, if you want to and if you have the time after the two introductory weeks. Here, for instance, it would be fine for you to combine the long meditation at one time during the day and the short programme at another time.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, especially in the beginning some phenomena may occur which we rightly could call lesser side effects. During the first days, a few people experience short periods of nausea or dizziness while meditating. However, this will quickly fade away, especially if you quite simply take care to breathe deeply into your stomach and furthermore take your time to turn your attention outwards after the meditation.
And after a few days of meditation, you will, at any rate, feel that the side effects have faded away completely.

As MasterWaves releases old tensions in your body and mind, you may, especially in the beginning, some days experience that you are a bit more sensitive or perhaps slightly edgy.

But sensitivity will quickly be replaced by more peace and tranquility and a higher degree of stress tolerance, so this short period of discomfort is definitely worth going through, when you know what MasterWaves can generally give you in terms of surplus energy.

Can I become addicted to it?

No, - on the contrary. Through MasterWaves, we actually learn to relax our body and psyche on a level which up till now has been unknown to most people. - Even without verbal instructions.

When you have used MasterWaves for some weeks or months, you will thus be able to transfer yourself to a deep, meditative state without having to use MasterWaves at all. You only need to think of the natural sounds which create the background for the MasterWaves Meditations, and then you will be able to relax and meditate.
So after all, maybe yes. - It is perhaps possible to become addicted to feeling relaxed and blissful once in a while, isn't it?!?

Why is it best to sit upright and meditate?

Because the sequence of brainwaves produced by the brain when exposed to Masterwaves is the same as when we go to sleep. If we lie down during the Masterwaves meditation, we thus risk falling asleep. However, if we sit upright, the brain reacts differently to the impact and creates a breeding ground for meditation instead.

Can i let my children use MasterWaves?

If your children are in the age group 13 to 17, you can let them listen to the short version of the introductory level occasionally, if they want to and if they like it.
You mustn't let them listen to the long versions and the deeper levels. Children are currently subject to an enormous psychological and neurological development, and MasterWaves is not designed for children, but for adults.

When your children have reached the age of 18, they need to sign up for MasterWaves themselves, if they wish to meditate. please remember that it is not allowed to share your MasterWaves audio files or CD's with either your partner, your grown children, friends or family.

How quickly will I feel a positive effect?

Many people often feel a positive effect of the MasterWaves Meditation very quickly. Most people experience increased inner tranquility and more nearness already after a few days. Please read the many positive testamonials we have received from some of the several hundred users who are already benefitting from MasterWaves.

You're also welcome to listen to the demo here on this website. You are quite likely to feel the effect of the meditation immediately, if you listen through a set of stereo headphones, that is.

Is there any scientific documentation supporting the effect?

Yes. loads. We will currently link to several scientific sources, which partly provide research results on the connection between brainwaves and different physical and psychological states, and partly research on the special sound technology on which MasterWaves is based.

How much time should I spend on it?

We recommend that you spend 50 minutes a day to meditate with MasterWaves, that is, 40 minutes for the actual meditation and app. 10 minutes to turn your attention outwards and get moving again.

Especially in the beginning, many people find it somewhat difficult to allocate 40-50 minutes a day in an often busy daily life. But when they discover that they are generally much more effective in their daily routines after meditation, and that their need of sleep has often been reduced, they gradually become reluctant to sacrifice those lovely de-stressing 50 minutes.

If you have a busy day, where it is not possible to fit in 50 minutes, there is a solution to that, too, however.

Each MasterWaves level contains both a 20-minute and a 40-minute version. You will definitely benefit from using the 20-minute version to relax and find new energy to manage your day, in spite of it all.
On the other hand, it would be excellent to meditate twice or three times a day in a period in your life where you have the time and want to intensify your personal and spiritual development.

Why is it so effective?

Because we exploit a completely natural feature of the human nervous system. As I'm sure you have already noticed, the most natural is often also the most effective in the long run.
And one of our most elementary common feature is our reaction to rhythm and sound. For instance, it is almost impossible not to move some part of the body, if you hear a rhythm. - And that applies, even if we do not really like the music itself.

And if we subject our brain to certain waves, - i.e. certain rhythms, - the brain will vibrate with them. In this way, we can make our brain vibrate in rhythms which will then draw the best from us, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
The brain has a so-called frequency following responce, which is stimulated by MasterWaves in order to create relaxation, energy and contact with our deeper layers of being and nearness.

How does the MasterWaves meditation actually take place?

You sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and through a set of headphones, you listen to a combination of lovely 3-dimensional natural sounds and some unique sound frequences which together make you relax and slip quickly and naturally into a very deep and nourishing meditative state.
The audio technique behind MasterWaves has been constructed so that your brain enters gradually deeper and deeper into meditation, by firstly producing more alfa waves, then theta waves and lastly delta waves.
You need do nothing more than listen to the meditation for 20-40 minutes per day. As it is the case of traditional meditation methods, you are required to consciously seek to relax and keep your thoughts at bay, whereas in the case of MasterWaves, you just need to sit comfortably with your CD or MP3 player and listen to the lovely sounds, and then the rest will happen automatically.
MasterWaves contains 7 levels, so that in time,you will be able to intensify the meditation process and obtain a deeper and deeper contact with your inner resources.

At each MasterWave level, you will have the possibility to learn certain simple techniques to strengthen the effect of the meditation, but in principle, you need do nothing else than listen to the "sound images".

In the beginning, we recommend that you sit somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed at all while meditating, but when you have gained more experience, you can actually meditate whilst on the bus or train.

You must, in no circumstances, use MasterWaves whilst driving a car or otherwise moving about in the traffic.ler på anden måde bevæger dig rundt i trafikken. This could be deadly dangerous, because during meditation, you will be very withdrawn and often slow in your reactions.

What do you understand by meditation?

Well, the word is being used at random in different contexts to describe everything from reflecting over something to be in a state of mind of half-awake trance, so it would probably be appropriate to explain what we mean by the concept in MasterWaves.

In our terminology, meditation can bothe be a method and a state of mind.
So, we meditate, that is, we practice a certain meditation method in order to obtain a certain state of mind.- And what kind of state is this then? -

It is a very comfortable and nourishing state of mind, where we are deeply relaxed and intensely present in the moment at the same time.
We could also describe the state of meditation as inner harmony which occurs when we are able to experience our own deeper "being" or identity without disturbing thoughts.
Thus, it is a question of "being at home in yourself" without analysing yourself, reflecting over yourself or in other ways being self-occupied in the negative sense of the word.

When we are super awake and deeply relaxed at the same time, our heart and senses open up, and our apparent experience of being in contact and harmony with ourselves, other people and life in general is increased considerably.

Numerous worldwide researches have proved that the state of meditation has an extremely beneficial influence on both our physical and psychological well-being and energy.

Isn't it a bit "up in the air" to meditate?

Yes, if it is "up in the air" to become a more harmonious person with more energy, happiness and nearness, or if it is "up in the air" to develop your intelligence, become more creative, improve your memory and learning abilities or increase your stress threshold, then it is definitely up in the air.

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