What the users say!

Below we present a small random selection of the numerous positive testamonials we have received from our happy users of MasterWaves:

More calm and relaxed

I experience MasterWaves meditation as the beginning of a long development. I have experimented with other bineural meditation products. But with masterWaves, however, I've got a meditation tool that's totally cool.

I use the meditation every day, and I've done so since I had the first opportunity of trying it.

MasterWaves meditation has become an integrated part of my daily life. I've often said "I'll just take 40-50 minutes". My surroundings accept it- mostly because they can feel that I come out more relaxed and more balanced.

I'm already looking forward to the next level...

Thank you for an effective meditation tool which has provided me with many lovely meditations.

Uffe Thorsen
Qualified teacher, certified ID Lifecoach and the Lifecoach Academy

MasterWaves, a problem solver

I can only say that so far, MasterWaves has been a source of creativity as well as a problem solver for me. I feel that I think clearer when I put on the headphones and enters the meditation. I often feel clear about what I should do, and I remember things that I had forgotten. At times, I feel that it tingles and shakes a bit in my muscles when I listen to MasterWaves. In my daily life, I feel that I do not find myself in quite as many hurricanes as before. I keep calm, and it is easier for me to stay at home than it was before. I don't need to go into as many "wars" as before.

Merete 40 years old, from Norway
Environmental worker at a psychiatric hosptital.

More patient and tolerant

I have now used MasterWaves for six months, and for the last 10 days, I've been listening to level 2.

I'm now more patient and I feel that my heart has grown! Somehow I don't get so "touched" by what other people think about me as I have been and my own "view" of other people has become more tolerant and much more affectionate.

It is as though I've become happier which I think is due to the fact that I worship life and its small, ordinary things much more than before.

To me, MasterWaves Meditation is high-speed development of the brain for the consciously "lazy".

I think that it is impossible to say no to using this meditation, given that the alternative probably is 25 years in aBuddhist convent... How boring!

Heidi Eilertsen, 41 years old
Social Educator
Working as a deputy manager in a nursery.

Cleansing and profound

I enjoy the "quiet moments" in an otherwise busy daily life, when I sit down and listen to the MasterWaves meditation. Refreshing, profound cleansing meditations.

Lis Marding, 48 years old

Towards my inner-most self

"earlier, I found it difficult to enter my inner calm whilst meditating, and I've always been searching for something that could help me. At the age of 51, I've finally found something which helps me in my meditations to find the way to my inner-most self. I've found it in MasterWaves Meditation.

Right from the first time I tried MasterWaves, the feeling of love and tenderness came to me. And the more I've meditated to the sound of the sea, the more often I'm able to enter deeper and feel the inner calm. More and more often, it gives me tranquility and nearness to be present right now.

I've mostly meditated to the MasterWaves 40 minute version, but when my day has been a bit too busy, I've been happy with the 20 minute version. I've also benefitted from using it during my walks in the countryside or on the train where I've been meditating on my way to something.

Matthias Axelsen
Trained in a bank

Much less stress and much more energy in my daily life

I use the MasterWaves meditation 5-6 times a week. It varies when I meditate during the day, but I've experienced the best result of meditating when I wake up in the morning.

My experience of the meditations vary slightly from session to session. If at one time, I'm preoccupied with thoughts relating to things in my daily life, e.g. worries, I think a lot during my meditations. It's extremely nice to to think things through during a meditation, because I experience the thoughts from somewhere inside myself where I'm tranquil and present and not judging, and this gives me a much better overview of any situations/worries, and thus, I become less stressed and more efficient in my daily life.

I've also used the MasterWaves Meditation to obtain a higher degree of insight into myself. While meditating, I experience that I enter into deep feelings and different sides of myself, and this has increased my consciousness about myself enormously. I've experienced and I still experience MasterWaves as an immense help in a self-development process.

After starting with MasterWaves, I generally find my daily life much less stressing. I have much more energy and a better overview in my daily life, and especially in connection with my job as a waiter, where work is being carried out at an enormously stressing pace, I've experienced a much better overview and the job is not at all as stressing, as was the case earlier.

Much love
Rene Juhler
Waiter and LifeCoach student at ID LifeCoach Academy.

More at home in myself

I've been meditating since I got the first version of MasterWaves Meditation on the 1st of May, and during this period, I've experienced immense positive changes in my life.

I've e.g. been able to be more present in the moment, I've been more able to stay at home in myself, and I've been more able to complete myself.

Caroline Brun
Lawyer 62 years old.

Tranquility and inner contemplation

I greatly appreciate meditating with MasterWaves every morning. I meditate for 30 minutes during the week. At weekends, I usually meditate longer.

It sounds really great with the beating of the waves transferring from one ear to the other. It feels as if you're sitting right in the heart of nature created by God.

Through this form of meditation, I'm brought in better contact with my body and the sense of centring and general nearness. I can easily feel the difference, if one day, I've been unable to meditate. So in many ways, I'm almost addicted to giving myself the tranquility and inner contemplation, which I obtain through meditation.

I also think that it's easier to concentrate and give myself up to the meditation, when I'm presented with sounds. To some degree, it helps me to maintain my inner nearness.

Love, Maria Louise Holm

More contact with my body and energy

In my daily life, MasterWaves Meditation gives me a great time with myself where I obtain a really good contact with and experience of being and love.

I meditate every day, almost always early in the morning.

In my daily life, it becomes easier and easier to enter the state of being. I'm surprised about this effect. The effect is the reason why I continue meditating and why I enjoy it.

In my daily life, it is as if I have a better contact with my body, I feel its energy easier and more often, and the love as well. It is like daily spiritual and emotional medicine.

Nina Lucas, 34 years old
MA in psychology and support work.
HR Consultant

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